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Ox Payroll has entered into a strategic partnership with the nation’s leading certified payroll reporting provider. We have developed a solution that integrates seamlessly with our standard payroll package eliminating double entry. With the click of a few buttons you can have the reports you require to satisfy your prevailing wage requirements.


  • Seamless integration with standard payroll service
  • Prevailing wage rates updated daily
  • Access to a library of reports with the ability to create custom reports

Historically there has been only one solution for generating certified payroll reports, creating them manually. Not only is this method time consuming, but also very risky as the published prevailing wages are updated daily. Generating a report would typically require you to verify the new rates in the various federal and municipal databases, and then physically write out the hours for each employee on a day-by-day basis. Significant fees are levied if you are not compliant or error free.

Do not let the complex and labor-intensive nature of certified payroll reporting deter you from engaging in jobs that require the prevailing wage. You can depend on us to ensure that the rates are always up to date and that your specific reports are generated when you need them.

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