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Ox Payroll is a leading payroll service provider specifically designed for contractors. We recognized that contractors only had two options available to them for payroll, process in-house or out source to generic and expensive third parties. We developed a third option to provide a service that addresses the needs of today’s contractors.

The benefit of processing payroll in-house is its flexibility and potential cost savings, but the risks involved are significant. Federal and State tax laws and regulations are continuously changing and you are responsible for keeping abreast of these changes or face heavy fines. The accuracy of your payroll and timely tax reporting is solely reliant on the expertise and diligence of the person actually processing your payroll, yet your company is still held liable.

When you outsource payroll you can rely on the expertise of a company that processes thousands of payrolls daily and the specialists they employ that handle tax and compliance issues. The issue with the main payroll providers is that they do not provide for an easy way generate certified payroll reports, pay differing rates for employees that work on multiple jobs, report union dues, and many other construction specific requirements.

Ox Payroll combines the strengths of all previous offerings at a cost less than most companies could process payrolls in-house. We have cultivated a partnership with the largest payroll provider in the world, to combine their payroll expertise with our construction industry knowledge and unsurpassed customer service. We provide you with the tools you need to process your payroll including: job costing, labor distribution, union reporting and certified payroll reporting.

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