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Standard Payroll

We have cultivated a partnership with the largest payroll provider in the world to combine their payroll expertise with our construction industry knowledge and unsurpassed client service. We manage all of the time-consuming aspects related to payroll processing and tax filings so you can focus on what makes you money.


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Certified Payroll

The complexities, potential fines, and labor intensive processing of certified payroll should not be a deterrent to bidding on jobs that require prevailing wages. We can provide you with the certified payroll reporting you need to satisfy the requirements of these jobs. Our solution integrates with our standard payroll option providing you with a seamless payroll system.

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The additional services now being offered are presented with the clear intention of helping the “small business” compete and succeed in a very difficult economy. - Kim Paulicelli, President, Premier Mechanical
The advance pay option has truly helped us with our cash flow on these projects. Additionally, the quick pay has enabled us to negotiate considerable discounts with our subs, suppliers and vendors.. Thanks for being innovative and flexible. - Dennis Roberts, Rocon Contracting, Inc.
Ox Payroll Updates

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